Radio KoL The Official Unofficial Station for the Kingdom of Loathing

Station Shutdown

  • I know you have some questions regarding why we’re shutting down, what will happen to the funds, all that good stuff. Allow me to answer a few.
  • Why is this happening?
    • After a few things have come to light recently, Bam began debating whether it would be best to change names and disassociate ourselves from Kingdom of Loathing or just lower the curtain. After discussion with current and former DJs, it was decided closing down is the best course of action. Without getting into the gory details of station life, there are too few DJs and too many hours to be filled. Rather than continue to limp along under another name, we decided it best to just shut it down.
  • What about the money?
    • Bam will immediately begin the process of shutting down the paypal donations and Patreon account. Money already collected and not used toward current bills will be donated to a charity. One has not been picked yet but we’re thinking the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV).
  • How long have we got?
    • A solid final shutdown has not been decided yet but it will be by the end of the month. Some former DJs are wanting to plan a final hurrah show. This is all still in discussion and will be announced.