Radio KoL The Official Unofficial Station for the Kingdom of Loathing


How do I connect to Radio KOL?

How do I submit a request to Radio KOL?

  • You have three options:
    • Send an in-game message to the DJ!
    • E-mail your request to the e-mail address reported by ARIaDOS or
    • If the DJ who is on has any chat program contact info in their player profiles, you can contact them there.

How do I send a song file to Radio KoL?

  • Send files to the e-mail address given by the DJ. Another option is to go to to send files. All DJs have the ability to play MP3 files, but other formats (WMA, m4a, ogg, etc) sometimes unpredictably cause Winamp and/or SAM to crash. Most DJs choose not to risk this while on-air, so sending in a file in non-mp3 format may get your request delayed until some future show by that DJ.

What’s the deal with “blue” and “green” messages?

  • When the Radio KoL DJs have contests or tell you how to contact them, they will often say, “Send me a blue message,” or, “Send me a green message.”
    • A “blue” message is a message typed into chat in KoL as follows: /msg DJsnamehere message body. This message will appear to the DJ in blue on his/her chat screen.
    • A “green” message is a message sent to the DJ’s KoL in-box (kmail). To do this, click on “send a message” in their player profile.

Why haven’t I heard my request played yet? I sent the file in.

  • Some DJs have specific formats and do not play requests that do not fit the format or theme. Some DJs do not or can not play requests at all. Also, please try to keep in mind that some shows are pretty much ALL requests. This means that often times a DJ can be backed up by as much as TWO HOURS on requests… it’s coming! Be patient. 🙂

How do I convert a WMA/M4A/etc to MP3?

  • Use a converter program to convert the format. One such program can be downloaded at Xilisoft. The demo is functional and free.
  • Another popular conversion program that also edits and records is Audacity, which is both open source and free.

What’s the best media player to use while listening to Radio KoL?

  • We recommend the latest version of VLC. Realplayer and iTunes also work. Windows Media Player may (see next point)
  • It is possible to listen to RKoL via WMP (v. 9+), it’s just not easy. To listen, one needs to copy the radio link, paste it in the Open URL of WMP, and remove the “listen.pls” portion. (Thanks to DJ AiluroDragon for this tip!)
  • Further examples of supported media players can be found at the RKoL Resources page.

How do I submit a bump/liner?

  • All you have to do is record a little .wav file in windows sound recorder. The sound recorder is located at:
     Start Menu/Programs/Accessories/Entertainment
  • Or, use the Audacity program mentioned above.
  • When it is done, send it to the email address supplied by the DJ. After that, it’s up to the DJ to edit it down and whatnot.

The radio seems to be playing too slow/playing too fast/skipping.

  • Sometimes the station sounds like it is playing too slow or too fast. Sometimes it seems to skip or do other funky things. Instead of getting into long technical explanations, lemme just tell you how to fix it: disconnect from the server and then reconnect. Nine times outta ten that’ll fix it.

Who is the current DJ?

Who owns/runs the station?

Bam is the current administrator of the station. Radio KoL has no official affiliation with Asymmetric, Kingdom of Loathing, or Jick & Co.