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RisbyRoan has retired. Her last show was the 12th of October 2008

Drawn by tatterhood
You can find a large image here [1]

 Show Name:  Tea & Timtams 
 Prize Multi:  Frisbekini 

 Age:  29 
 Sex:  Female 
 Location:  Australia 
 Email:  risbyroan@gmail.com 
 Twitter:  Not Provided 

Show Times:
(all times EST)
Thursday 4am-6am
Sunday 3am-6am


Basic Info

RisbyRoan (more frequently shortened to Risby) is RKoL's only Australian DJ. She uses this to her advantage to play Australian music that most listeners haven't heard before. This was the reason she applied in the first place, as she kept wanting to send tracks to other DJs and then realising that it didn't fit their theme. Solution? Gain control of the theme! Oh, and that she obviously had something musical to say to the greater RKoL community.

If you want to ask Risby a question during her shows please use blue message as she forgets to check her kmail. All other time a kmail or gmail is fine.

In the Beginning

Risby was hired on Valentine's day (her time) 2007 and thinks that this is the best Valentine's day present anyone could ever get.

Her first show was on 02/18/07, which predictably had technical issues, but /radio seemed to like the music, which helped Risby to calm down by the end of the show. The can of breathtastic air in her display case is in memory of this first show, where the most frequent comment was: "We loved it. You have to remember to breathe".


Risby enjoys an eclectic range of music, which includes almost everything except hardcore heavy metal and some of the extreme forms of gangsta rap and hiphop. Her preferred music genre is "happy, bouncy music with a horn section" which encompasses everything from SKA, old skool hiphop, jazz & swing, Eastern European music, punk, gypsy punk, indie, reggae, and other categories that she can't think of right now. She also has a fondness for music that features a piano, and music she can sing along to.

There is a rule that The Cat Empire must be played at least once every show, and since they are such a versatile band this is rarley an issue. There is another rule which says that Cold Chisel, Delta Goodrem, John Farnham, Kylie Minogue, Savage Garden and anyone who has been on Australian Idol will never be played on Risby's shows. This is the result of mental scarring from working karaoke nights in a pub in the western suburbs of Sydney when she was 20.

A lot of the music Risby plays was discovered by listening to triplej, Australia's national "youth" radio station, which has a reputation for playing good Australian music and the best of the international stuff. She always has a pen and notepad open on the passenger seat of her car so she can write down the title and artists of good songs.

Show Details


Thursday 4am-6am EST: We <3 [insert theme here]. Each week a theme is chosen. Theme have ranged from "we <3 !" (artists or titles with a ! in them) to "we <3 Brit Pop".

Sunday 1am-4am EST: This show rotates through a monthly cycle as follows: 1st Sunday of every month is Trash or Treasure, 3rd Sunday of every month is Pub Trivia. Other shows follow some theme that has generally arrived in a flash of brilliance during teh preceeding week. If there is no specific theme then it defaults to happy, bouncy, chairdancing music.


Risby creates an entire playlist before each of her shows. This is because she likes her sets to have some flow within and between them, so she would like to listen to them before queueing them up so they can fit with this flow, and she has a tendency to dump entire playlists by clicking in the wrong sectino of winamp.

If you have a song that you would like to suggest then, the general rules for requests are:

  • It must fit the theme, so check with her via blue message first
  • You must send a description of the track in the email, e.g. genre, "I like this track because", or an indication of what sort of music is would sound good with.
  • It must be something that you think everyone else currently tuned in would like to listen to as well. Since you will be sharing it with them.
  • Once the track is sent let her know, again by blue message, so she can switch gmail accounts.

If you have a song that you would like to hear that doesn't fit the theme, and is not heavy metal or gangsta rap (other forms of rap may be OK) then send it to her gmail account and it will most likely appear in her next show.


The default contest is a double shot contest. This runs for every show except Trash and Treasure and Pub Trivia shows. There are other exceptions, Risby will announce these. The contest works as follows: When you hear two songs in a row by the same artist send RisbyRoan a blue message indicating that you are entering the contest. Chatbot will roll to determine who wins and the winner receives 250, 000 meat and a radio button candy. There will always be another song played after the double shot, and you have until the end of that song, when Risby starts talking again, to get your entry in. This allows those on the 24K server to have enough time to enter as well. A parallel contest seems to have sprung up among regular listeners. This is referred to as the GRiDSAT. There are no prizes for this contest, apart from the smug satisfaction of knowing you are correct, and amusing the DJ.

Pub Trivia. On the 3rd Sunday of every month a trivia contest is run for the length of the show. Risby has a book of trivia questions, this is done so that people can't just find the trivia list via google. Chatbot decides which question is asked, listeners then have a song set to blue message the answer to that question to RisbyRoan. Each correct answer gets a point. The person with the most points at the end of the show wins. In the case of a tie chatbot rolls to decide who wons. The prize is an item of choice from Frisbekini's (#1243087) display case. In the case of a dipute over the answer, the back of the book is correct, unless corroborating evidence is presented, which has to be something more than just wikipedia. Googling answers is perfectly acceptable. Each entrant is presented when they answer their first question, as you can't play pub trivia without a beer. This task is usually done by the lovely Pigtail II's multi (thankyou dear!).

Any donations, especially meat to fund the double shot contests, are gratefully accepted and can be sent to Frisbekini (#1243087).

Other sporadic contests are occasionally held, these include the Turkmenistan melon day limericks and fact finding contests, the "name every song played during the Cat Empire concert" contest, the "name that cover" contest, the "tell me what word I chose to put this playlist together contest" and the Space Age Bachelor Pad Music trivia contest.

Specific Theme Shows

Trash or Treasure

On the first Sunday of every month Risby runs a "Trash or Treasure" show, where she pulls a bunch of tracks from triplej's unearthed site and listeners vote whether they think a specific artist is trash or treasure. This is done by sending in a whole-number score between 1 and 5. ! being Trash and 5 being Treasure. A score of 3.6 and above is a treasure, everything else isn't. A list of artists that have been voted as treasure can be found on the Treasure List which is updated sporadically. Any song played on one of these shows is available for download from the unearthed site. Check it out, and if you are in Australia, go and see them play live, support local music etc. etc.

Pub Trivia

Played on the 3rd Sunday of every month. See the contest section for more details.

Other Stuff

Risby lives in the Inner West of Sydney. She is incredibly proud of her area and its multi-cultural, bohemian atmosphere, and is frequently to be found in the cafes and restaurants that flourish there. There is nothing so restful as a good cup of coffee (macchiato by preference) and a pleasant view of the world going by. She lives with her flatmate (more commonly referred to as "Risby's flatmate", we discussed giving her a name, but couldn't think of anything appropriate) who can sometimes be heard in the background of a show discussing brilliant plans, movies, baking and the state of the world.

She has completed a degree in History and Asian Studies and is currently studying for a Masters in Public Policy. Which means that listeners get occasional rants about the state of Australia's political scene, the effect of policies, why things aren't working and how they could be fixed, along with lectures on various aspects of history.

Risby works in sustainabilty program development, which is something she is passionate about. While she will try to not rant about it too much since she is there to play music not tell people "how to save the world in 10 easy steps", it will occasionally come through in some of the stuff she talks about. Every radio station needs a token hippy [2], right?

Most of Risby's real life friends are also geeks and have played Kingdom of Loathing at some stage. They seem to like the idea of listening to her shows, which she thinks is a bit odd, since they could easily come around for a cup of tea if they desperately wanted to hear her voice. If you hear Risby mention someone that is not in /radio then it is probably one of those friends.

She has an addiction to reading and will chew her way through a novel in 1-2 days. There are usually piles of half-read fiction and non-fiction books beside her bed and scattered around the house. She is currently playing a Pendragon campaign with a bunch of amusing friends who made sure that the first place they looked for the grail was behind the couch, since you'd be upset if it had been there all along.

Trophy Spouses

You will occasionally see/hear AiluroDragon, Wombatilim and Risby refer to each other as "wifey", "husband" or "trophy spouse". This is an old joke from Risby's first days in RKoL, the origins of which are lost in the mists of time, but probably involved something along the lines of "every girl needs a trophy husband". Since AiluroDragon is never one to miss an opportunity the offer was made, with Wombatilim as the icing on the cake. There was further discussion about using timtams to build a bridge over the Pacific so that the spouses could visit each other, for timtams have magic powers. Now if only Risby could find one of those packets that magically renews itself...

She is incredibly happy and proud that her trophy husband was hired as a DJ on the same day that she was, and possibly squeeed almost as much as when she found out she was hired.

Since then other spouses have been added. Details can be found in her profile. Risby finds it strange that all of her spouses have since become DJs (with the exception of Decline, and Wesley who already was one, and Regerar who's not really a spouse anyway). She has no control over hiring and becoming a trophy spouse does not guarantee DJship. All it indicates is that DJs are probably slightly bonkers.


Thanks to the cleverness of doppelheathen, who came up with the idea, fans of Risby's shows are referred to as RisbyRoadies. The roadies have specific tasks, as befits a roadie crew. Anyone can nominate to be a roadie and tasks are assigned by Risby, or suggested by the individual listener or people in /radio.

The roadies are in order:

  1. doppelheathen: Providing the tea
  2. bewaremybrain: Providing the TimTams
  3. Fluffy the Emu: Reminding Risby to tell everyone that she is running a double shot contest
  4. Pigtail II: Providing dumplings (mmm, dumplings!)
  5. Rodger_Flint: In charge of the meins
  6. ZaphodAK42: In charge of flying the ship with the improbability drive (which sometimes explains Risby's odd segues)
  7. Ipikak the Inebriated: In charge of bringing the beer
  8. Jedi Peacekeeper: In charge of the Silver Spade (ask him what it is for)
  9. Angra_Mainyu: in charge of asking questions that will distract Risby (not that this is difficult)
  10. strife: In charge of reminding Risby to send out prizes after contests, for when she gets distracted
  11. Tom the Mighty: in charge of embraces (see Risby's profile, it will make sense)
  12. Rotinisha: in charge of creating song lyrics
  13. FarceFenrir: winning at the MMG & giving some of that to Risby for contests (his idea, and thanks for that)
  14. Jonzay: In charge of writing the battlecries
  15. Janos Muadrin: Drop Bear wrangler
  16. Sathen: In charge of laughing at Risby's silliness
  17. DiscoDoris: In charge of warming Risby's hands
  18. Poki: In charge of meeting Risby's at airports when she is worn out after a long flight/ too much partying
  19. Rhen: in charge of telling Tom the Mighty that Risby is/ is not quoting John Denver
  20. BlindingPhil: In charge of keeping Risby company in airports, and sending her to bed when she's staying up too late
  21. Thaddeus_Mutton: official devil's advocate for the monthly trash or treasure shows.
  22. Decline: In charge of saying no to things, and refusing requests
  23. Torturelini: in charge of amusing connections and anecdotes when entering competitions
  24. Kakadesu: In charge of painful puns and crap song writing
  25. ShakestheClown: In charge of making risby say "right" through devious and underhanded means
  26. Archandia: Sousaphone woman, in charge of the robots
  27. Pigtails_multi: in charge of beers on trivia nights
  28. Tallim: provider of canned horses
  29. zombieinvariel: in charge of eating the brains of dissenters
  30. Urutsini: Providing friendly, comforting shoulders to rest on
  31. spbookie: In charge of making outrageous requests
  32. Ricket: in charge of google references, and inventor of GRiDSAT
  33. alphie: in charge of of lifting heavy things, especially an eski with beer and a water melon in it
  34. AlecGW: in charge of talking about Pokemon

. . . 42. Hawksmoor: in charge of distracting Risby with shiny things!

. . . 69. twanky: here to take the blame; consumer of leftovers or something

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