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Prima Vera Angelhair


 Drawn by SenorRandom, Colored by myself
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Basic Info

Main Character: Prima Vera Angelhair (#144394)
Prize Multi/Donations: Ironic Chef (#411230 - NOT IronicChef)
Ultimate Buffer/Builder Project: The Ghost Pirate King (#243823)
My Wife: Pansy Joy (#160117)
Requests: E-mail FILES to
- Check my Music Library (updated 6-7-15) first and ask in-game if I will play it.
- .mp3 prefered, other formats acceptable, can convert .wma if I want to.
- Artist and Song Title must be in Subject, Body, or File Name.
- If you want credit, remember to include your KoL moniker in body.
Contact (NOT requests):
AIM: PVA KoL ......................................KoL Forums Name: Wind
Our 24k Server...........................................Our 64k Server
Deviant Art Account: PVA on DA
Etsy Store: Windthin
My Hats: Hat Collection Gallery
Model Mayhem Account: PVA on MM
PVA's Recipes and PVA's Jewelry on the KoL forums.
Photobucket Account: PVA's Art Album
Old Personal Site: A hub for KoL art and links.
Player-Made Music Site: Looking For Aid Setting This Up!
Clan Site: Noblesse Oblige - Power Through Generosity, Generosity Through Power. My other other home and the domain of some wonderful folks who care strongly about this game and its community. Check out our rather splendid Kingdom Calendar!
Will Never Be Played On My Show: "KingMissile", "Adam and Andrew", and "Sightings and Tom Smith" (not to be confused with Tom Smith, who is awesome)

In The Beginning

Grosp-PrimaVeraAngelhair2.gif Grosp-PrimaVeraAngelhair.gif Clownster3.jpg Grosp-PrimaVeraAngelhair2.gif Grosp-PrimaVeraAngelhair.gif

It was late November of 2004 and my computer had just crashed. The hard drive had died, and I still to this day am seeking to salvage it, for years of work were lost in it. Poems, stories, graphics work, collected music, downloaded programs, and gaming worlds I was designing. But moreover, I worked online, so I could not take time to mourn the death of the old as I rushed to get a new computer. I was stuck getting one on a pay plan from the local Rent-A-Center. Life was looking pretty gloomy.

And then KolMohDee told me, virtually commanded me, to submit an application to be a DJ at Radio KoL. It was almost as if it was destined to happen. My old computer could never have handled the requirements of broadcasting. Indeed, it could not even handle the headset I had bought in the hopes of using it to listen to the radio, a headset that had a microphone so that I could record music, something I had been dabbling in for the radio at the time (indeed, my experimentation in that and with creating bumps for the DJs was largely what had prompted my being sought out). But my new computer could cope with that previously useless headset and more with ease and alacrity that made me giddy. To further cement my clearly curious turn of fortune, a sizable portion of my best music was still salvageable, kept in storage in the outbox of the account I had used to send it to a dozen different DJs during the couple of months I had been a listener. Hired on the same day as Opai, I embarked upon a safari to reclaim as much music as I could and find more before my first show, aided in this trek by countless future listeners, of which I must especially thank Clarity, who provided me with a means to both reproduce and vastly expand my precious library of German music.

This was my tumultuous beginning in broadcasting. Perhaps to make up for all of the trouble I had been put through recently, my first show on December 3rd, which I planned down to the letter, went off without a hitch, and I retain both mp3 evidence of this and a copy of the playlist I featured that day. I have never looked back since, constantly thankful for this opportunity, perpetually grateful to be part of such a wonderful endeavor, to be able to interact with so many fantastic and varied people. My library has not merely burgeoned, it has exploded. I have upgraded my computer with a sizable amount of memory and hard drive space to keep up, watching as Player-Made Music, which I early on made my cause but privately worried would not take, became a sensation. Every time I go on the air, it is a new thrill for me. I never know what odd site I might be presented with, what musical delicacy, with morsel of humor or wisdom. I have run shows of every description and had dozens of you on my shows, and I still feel that there is so much more yet to explore. In short, I am proud to be a DJ for Radio KoL, and proud to be taking this journey with all of you, DJs and listeners alike.

Regular Show Times (All In Central Time)

Grosp-PrimaVeraAngelhair2.gif Grosp-PrimaVeraAngelhair.gif Cynn-PVA.gif Grosp-PrimaVeraAngelhair2.gif Grosp-PrimaVeraAngelhair.gif

Monday: 5-8 pm - What's this? PVA during the day? Or... afternoon. Or evening. Depending on where you are. The point is, I haven't had a regular non-wee-hours-of-my-morning show in years. I've NEVER been on this late in the day. Time to mix it up, people!

Tuesday: 1-5 am - My four hour blocks can be anything under the sun, from maniacal contests involving the entire playlist to rambling talk shows to special themed or request shows or simply a block of random music and rants.

Thursday: 1-5 am - My four hour blocks can be anything under the sun, from maniacal contests involving the entire playlist to rambling talk shows to special themed or request shows or simply a block of random music and rants.

Friday: 2-7 am - FIVE HOURS! Who knows what I can do in five hours! It could be ANYTHING!

Currently Running: Nothing presently.


The Big Crimbo Show! Check it out!

I often play radio dramas, and in the past have run Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the old Superman and Shadow radio serials, and the World War Z audiobook.

On Hiatus: Once a month during on Friday or Saturday (morning show) - (The Albums Show) - A combination contest and special feature show, I showcase one to four full albums from a vast array of genres. The contest side allows three to six people to win the ingredients for two special pickles and a shot at the Grand Prize roll-off. The Grand Prize is both an award and a responsiblity, for the winner must find an album or albums for future Albums Shows and provide them for me (however, they can pass honor on to another, in which case the die is re-rolled and the winner taken from among the remaining contestents for purposes of providing future material only).

On Hiatus: Once a month during on Friday or Saturday (morning show) - (The Mystery Guest Show/Playing Around: The Audio Scavenger Hunt) - Once run every week, the MG Show is now usually every other week. It features a different unknown player every week who listeners have to first identify before they can answer riddles about the player's profile, clan, store, and anything else that might be found from that character's profile page. Guests are frequent, as are running gags, hijinks, and rampant chaos. The Audio Scavenger Hunt show is still a work in progress, the premise being that listeners have to identify eleven songs in my library based on intricate clues before I play them toward the end of the show.

My Style

Grosp-PrimaVeraAngelhair2.gif Grosp-PrimaVeraAngelhair.gif PVAvatarbyZassiliss.jpg Grosp-PrimaVeraAngelhair2.gif Grosp-PrimaVeraAngelhair.gif

I enjoy quite a variety of music, but am best known perhaps as the Player-Made Music Mogul, as the master of Bagpipe Rock, and for my Izzard and the Lizards shows and my frequent talk shows featuring KoL players. I pride myself on my eclectic selection of music, with selections both beloved and obscure, foreign and domestic, classical and contemporary, and on being able to provide a tune for any occasion. I am also known for singing Happy Birthday on the air to Loathers, and as a proud member of Noblesse Oblige, a respected community-oriented clan renowned for numerous firsts and triumphs in the game. I play a lot of nerdcore, and am an outspoken advocate for the right of people to be intelligent and creative and not fear societal norms and pressures. I am one of the few DJs who regularly does pretty long shows, and indeed have been on the air at times as long as eight to ten hours, with my current record being eighteen hours in one go and over forty in a single week. The uncanny tendency for trouble to befall DJs who are supposed to follow my shows has at times lead to joking accusations of sabotage on my part, especially after a notable incident in which four DJs who were supposed to be on after me all suffered various catastrophic or delaying problems, resulting in a ten and a half hour show.

I reserve the right at all times to kill a request that I find annoying, grating, offensive, or otherwise distasteful. I do not swear often, but that does not mean I do not play songs or other files with expletives in them, and indeed refuse to censor my tags and files. I maintain my music library meticulously, and am far more likely than not to ignore any request where I do not know both the artist and title of the song. I can also handle most file types and convert those that the stream does not like, but please make an effort not to send unusual file types when possible. .wma files are especially hard on the stream for some reason, so these always have to be converted before being played.

My most infamous, and unofficial, guest is probably my male cockatiel Maui (I own five birds in all currently), who has gained the nickname Darth Maui for his penchant for whistling the Imperial March. I am proud to say that several people who went on to become DJs got their start on my shows, either as guests or through player-made music. Some of my guests have reached veritable co-host status for a time, and my wife, Pansy Joy in the game, has even occasionally sat down and played some of her favorite tunes. She has also made bumps and worked with me on a number of songs for the Kingdom, as well as chiming in when she happens to be present and awake. Among my most frequent guests in the past have been Inari, Merik, NSurgnie, Moth (for whom the Moth Rule is named), and the notoriously charitable SewerRatz.

Without a doubt, one of the high points in my radio career was my interview with infamous internet crackpot and proponent of the Time Cube, Gene Ray. A recording of this interview is available at Coldfront. I was startled when I received a custom item, the Stupid University Diploma, and though it doesn't do anything special as most custom items do, I would not trade it for anything.

I am somewhat notorious for stirring up trouble, both in rants and by breaking what few rules we have. I don't go out of my way to break the rules, but it still happens sometimes. Due to this, and certain infamous shows in the past, there are a lot of running gags you will probably learn about if you listen to me enough. I also collect strange and unusual sites to share with my listeners, both ones that are genuinely meant to be funny and ones that were made seriously but cannot possibly be taken as such. Especially cool and fantastic sites also get shared with my listeners at times, and certain especially amusing sites can be expected to pop up again every so often.

I continue to hope to bring new and intriguing experiences to my listeners, looking for great interviews, unusual music and serials, and mind-expanding contests.


Grosp-PrimaVeraAngelhair2.gif Grosp-PrimaVeraAngelhair.gif L337h4x0rZ-PVAColor.jpg Grosp-PrimaVeraAngelhair2.gif Grosp-PrimaVeraAngelhair.gif

I run a number of regular contests, the most well-known of which is the Mystery Guest Show (MG rules page). Originally, listeners had to figure out who the guest was and the person with the most clues, or pieces of solid information. However, as listeners grew more accomplished at the game the lists grew too large for me to handle, and thus I was forced to alter the rules so that I might retain my sanity and not spend half the show tallying answers. The current version allows for questions to be asked, both serious and silly, about the mystery guest. Once a listener believes they have secured the guest's identity they must attempt to solve eighteen riddles relating to the guest. The listener with the most correct answers wins, and in the event of a tie there may be multiple prizes given off or a rolloff, depending. The riddles are always about things found in or linked from the MG's profile; equipment, player pictures, familiars, store inventories, their clan. I have even been known to look at the profile's code to find clues before. Often other guests also come on in order to add to the entertainment value of the show. Skype or Gizmo are the programs I use for this show, and it remains my favorite, as it allows me to share a constantly-increasing circle of players to state that they've been on the Radio KoL themselves.

The second regular contest I started running occurs during The Albums Show. This show focuses on showcasing albums in their entirety rather than the single, disjointed selections so many are familiar with now. To that end, most of the albums played are traditional albums from a single artist, though I sometimes will play albums featuring varying artists if I feel they introduce a lesser-known style, such as Zydeco, or music from a particular region. One thing I stridently avoid in these shows is "Best of" albums, as I feel this defeats the purpose of the show to begin with. With some older artists and bands, however, who never released albums in the format we know today, one has to take what one can get. Providing a constant supply of music for this show can be demanding, and thus I began running contests wherein three to six listeners win ingredients for two spectral pickles and one wins a grand prize. The grand prize winner also has the resposibility of providing music for a future album show, typically one to three albums. Sometimes the winner has passed on this, in which case I roll again and pass the honor among the remaining contestents to whoever comes up and desires it. I have been exposed to a lot of wonderful music I probably never would have discovered due to this procedure. The riddles (usually three of them) are posted precisely one hour into the show in the profile of Ironic Chef, my prize multi.

Another future project will be a drive to name an official anthem for the Kingdom. Check back for details on this.

The Ultimate Familiar Giveaway

Grosp-PrimaVeraAngelhair2.gif Grosp-PrimaVeraAngelhair.gif DiscoRabbi-Bobby.gif Grosp-PrimaVeraAngelhair2.gif Grosp-PrimaVeraAngelhair.gif

My biggest contest to date was the Ultimate Familiar Giveaway. It featured every tradeable familiar up until January of 2008, being given away in one massive undertaking. Unfortunately, I was still missing four big ones: the Crimbo Elfling, the Dark Jill-O-Lantern, Baby Yeti, and the Hand Turkey Outline. Here are the answers

Though Hawksmoor was the technical winner, the contest was ultimately solved due to the combined efforts of his clan, The Vagabonds. Istanbul describes their final breakdown of prizes:

"We decided on a Tier system.

Tier 1 was Urutsini, Saucalicious, Hawksmoor, and me. Tier 1 consisted of people who either got us past a stage, or did a lot of work.

Tier 2 was doppelheathen, Cyphotrix, and Alfhild. Tier 2 consisted of people who helped a little bit.

Tier 3 was everyone else. Tier 3 consisted of people who didn't help with the contest at all.

We rolled 1d4, and the person who got picked from Tier 1 got their first pick. Then 1d3, repeated the process, and so on. Once everyone in Tier 1 got their picks, we went on to Tier 2, and so on and so forth.

Well, without even rolling, they decided to just GIVE me the silk garter snake. I had expressed an interest in it. Amusing fact: it was next to the personal raindrop in your case, and I got the prices switched; I thought I was getting a 60m familiar!

Most of Tier 1 got a familiar worth 100m or more, so everyone except Hawksmoor bowed out of the second round of picks.

The thing is, Mayhem_And_Destruction had expressed a great desire for a personal raindrop, but her roll was terrible; she never really had a shot at it. So I decided that wasn't going to fly.

I k-mailed everyone in the clan asking if they would be willing to donate their Round 2 picks to the cause of buying Mayhem_And_Destruction her raindrop. Most of them went along with it, and I was entrusted with the job of selling off the donations in order to raise enough funds.

So everyone got a familiar worth at least 25m+, and - thanks to the donations of most of Round 2, as well as some meat donations - we managed to purchase Mayhem_And_Destruction her very own personal raindrop!

I love happy endings. :)"

My Special Collections

Grosp-PrimaVeraAngelhair2.gif Grosp-PrimaVeraAngelhair.gif PVAbyZassiliss120.jpg Grosp-PrimaVeraAngelhair2.gif Grosp-PrimaVeraAngelhair.gif
Click here for full-sized version

Collections are a way of life in the Kingdom, and I certainly have my own. In my display case you will find the 96 Collection, a satirical attempt to live up to Gene Ray's edict that "96 is the perfect number." On my prize multi I currently have one of every outfit in the Kingdom, and thanks to the generosity of my friends and listeners I have every single Mr. Store familiar and item that has come out. In fact, for less than a month I had every familiar, every tattoo, and every trophy attainable, and am planning on pursuing a perfect Collector's Score again in the future.

But my favorite collections have to be things players have made. The first of these three archives is my collection of player art, and whenever possible I try to get new avatars and drawings of my character to add to my collection, that I might showcase the talents of my fellow players. You can see many samples on this very site, and even more on my photobucket account, including pictures of some sculptures and other pieces of three-dimensional work. I have dabbled in this field myself with my Period Table of Loathing Elements, something I need to return to doing.

On my personal site you will find in the links section my second major archive, a collection of links fairly unrivaled in the Kingdom, featuring all manner of KoL-related sites. I urge you to visit them and wander the universe the Kingdom has spawned more widely.

Player-Made Music

Grosp-PrimaVeraAngelhair2.gif Grosp-PrimaVeraAngelhair.gif Drave117-PVA.gif Grosp-PrimaVeraAngelhair2.gif Grosp-PrimaVeraAngelhair.gif

My third, and greatest, collection, though, is of player-made music. Dubbed the player-made music mogul by several of my colleagues, I retain the largest archive of music by players in the Kingdom, both KoL-themed and not. This includes bands with players in them, satircal songs about the Kingdom, remixes, and original individual work. When I first became a DJ, one of my major goals was to collect and encourage the creation of music from players. I had no idea just how successful this would become, and indeed at first despaired of getting very many submissions. There are now nearly a thousand songs, bumps, and other pieces in my library from players, including not a few of my own.

If you have music or other works you would like to submit, feel free to contact me at or my AIM name of PVA KoL. I am currently in the process of working on the new Player-Made Music Site, where a lot of great work can be found. Keep in mind that a large body of music will never be hosted there, as some artists and bands are trying to forge a career through their art.

I have music or other work from:

  • Current Radio KoL DJs: ADeadHeart, Amplitude, Ashallond, DuckyFresh, Feared Al Yankovic, Haplo, Jick, KolMohDee, larzdapunk, Lehks, Lillith, Merik, Mr Skullhead, opai, Prima Vera Angelhair, Rutabega
  • Former Radio KoL DJs: Bragi, Faustus Pringle, greyfuneral, Inari
  • WKOL DJs: DonnaMatrix, greyfuneral, Mizzkytie, YQM, ZachsMind
  • Players: AiluroDragon, Arithon, Awsome Chris, Barnaby36, Buffer, Cacofonix, Charles the Bold, Chastity Faewood, ChriStef, Cookiecutter, CowNBee, Cybele, Daem, Darth Sarra, DeathStyles, DJ_FreeMason, Drave117, Dwy, eCheese, ePeterso2, fatty_inc, feelthegrease, Figgleroy, Frejman, Gondul, Grobe, Helo, Hubert Rawlinson, HypnoJuice, Ipikak the Inebriated, Jessfish, JLE, Joebot, Kafka, Kandrew, KennethTheObscure, Killer Zombie Monkey, Krodoc, Krunk the Bold, Laureth, Lilac, LoveBite, Low_key, Lukifer, LupisTagg, Nathew, NevilDenJacobi, NipokNek, Notesurfer, NovaKnight21, Orlando, Pansy Joy (my wife), Philanthropist, Pookieman, PoopSmith5000, Qwaggie, RedRockett, Rendvermin, Rev_J, Riddon, rotinisha, Sake Faction, Sean Man, SenorRandom, SexyMomma, ShadowsLight, ShirtlessNinja, Skycruise, Smoove Mooth, Tarantio, TexasKiwi, The_Masker_Hobo, The Ultimate Squishy, Tom_Servo, Toxic Popsicle, Tyler Coe, VampyreBytes69, Viciousweasel, Wickerbasket, Wombatilim, Xandria, Xara, Xym, Yiab, Yllib, Y_Q_M
  • Bands: Aloway (Cyruz), American Ignorance (EmptyPee), Apocalypso (Cwapface and Thorncello), Atlanta Swing Orchestra (Fireball on trombone), Azag Thoth (Grobe), Bertram Bertram & The Profanes (NevilDenJacobi), BloodLetting (Holla Back), Bulletproof Brown (Miestese), Crossed Keys (Radar on bass), Deathboy (KevinTheLizard), Disgraceland (SweetSweetLove), Dust Bunny Nation (Merik), Eight Legged Oedipus (Crapstorm), The Fritz (NevilDenJacobi), Haplo's unnamed college band, The Hillbellies (SweetSweetLove), Jeremy & The Paxmen (Faustus Pringle, Jim Crow's Grave (fizzay), Karl Marx & the Buffalo Wings (verycleanteeth), The Kimberly Trip (Wombatilim and The_Misha), The Kuvington Project (The _ Slayer), Lager Rhythms, Leash & Scoop (Capn Gnarly), Less Than Three (larzdapunk), MYsticalVAMPIRELORD (MystcalVampireLord), Plasterkatz (Cartipants), Skuzzy Bogie (NevilDenJacobi), The Odd Angry Shot (gwooph), Psychopop (The Lucky Striker), Questions (Y_Q_M and YQM), Recycle (Gijs), Red Venus Love Army (Squeezybabe), Skin Deep (BoozerBear), Sly Willie Down (Flinkle), Soap (Wasoe), The Sods (NevilDenJacobi), Subhybrid Fields (Armak), Them Ashtray Lickers (NevilDenJacobi)

External Links

Grosp-PrimaVeraAngelhair2.gif Grosp-PrimaVeraAngelhair.gif KidMissile-PVALicensePlate.gif Grosp-PrimaVeraAngelhair2.gif Grosp-PrimaVeraAngelhair.gif
Prima Vera Angelhair


 Drawn & Colored by SonDEnise
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