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 Show Name:  Pants Free Radio 
 Prize Multi:  Sir Prize Bott Sehks (2337717) 

 Age:  29 
 Sex:  External Dangly Bits 
 Location:  Adelaide, Australia 
 Email:  kakadesu@gmail.com 
 Twitter:  Not Provided 

Show Times:
What time is that for me?
Check the schedule for any changes/pick-up shows


What is Kakadesu

Kakadesu (#681407) (or Kaka as he is known to most of the Kingdom) became a Radio KoL DJ on May 19th 2012 smack dab in the middle of his and Pigtail's engagement party. Kaka first horrified the airwaves the following Tuesday May 22nd 2012. Upon Kaka obtaining the passwords for the streams, the radio community has accepted that the Mayan calendar is accurate and that 2012 will be the apocalypse.... Or as IRC fondly knows it the "metapokakalypse". Kaka personally doesn't give a fuck, he is after all unkillable. (also apparently we all survived..... FUCK next time Gadget!)

As Kaka could not ever killt he radio or the universe by possession of the streams passwords, Kaka unceremoniously retired from the radios in a shower of blood and body parts. Kaka is now focusing on his writing gig with General Damage Control. Kaka writes there under the unfamiliar guise of KAKA and can be found on twitter under @TheKakaStorm wherwe he will talk Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Cricket and football (none of that namby pamby soccer bullshit).

Kaka's fans are known as "Kakamonsters".

Kaka is married to Pigtail (in unholy matrimony) in Adelaide South Australia, although he is not originally from here. Kaks was originally ejected from the womb in Brisbane Queensland 29 years ago, and since then has puttered all over the damn countryside. Kaka still shows many Queenslander tenencies, such as detest for all things New South Wales and enjoys trolling Torturelini with this as often as possible.

Kaka does many awesome things, including talking about himself in the 3rd person. He flies RC Helicopters, dabbles with computers, smashes people in board games, plays the pokermaanz, and especially enjoys playing EDH and Vintage Magic the Gathering. Kaka relates himself to the Wombat and has been known to state that if he had to be furry, trucks had better watch the fuck out.

Unlike Pigtail, Kaka merely tolerates sport, he does however (much to Pigtail's chagrin) support the following teams:

The Rules of /Radio

Kaka is most famous in /Radio for being the instigator and original author of the Rules of Radio Chat. Although they have expanded over the years with many contributions for listeners, you can still to this day see the rules referenced.

The Rig

Kaka has appropriated his old gaming PC for DJdom.


This sexy beast though getting long in the tooth is a QX6700 mounted in a Gigabyte X38DQ6, 4GB of PC2 6400 CAS 3/3/3/8 running dual channel as single GB sticks. Dual Sapphire 3870HD cards (in X-fire for gaming). I currently use WinAmp as my music source. I then mount a microphone on a boom stand and rout it through a mixing console for vox.

I use: Shure Beta58A and either my big console Alto FX180 or my smaller portable Wharfdale-R200

Kaka detests with a passion USB audio. He has a hard enough time stomaching digital audio and hence prefers to be as lossless as possible.

For his foldbacks, Kaka uses Alessandro MS1 series, which are a damn good buy for their performance by anyone's standards, and only deals with Headphonic when shopping for new headphones. Frankly when audio engineers get bored doing gigs and want to sell headphones, you know you expect good quality and advice.

Joinin' in the Slayhem

Connecting to the Stream

If you have come straight here and missed the Radio KoL Homepage, you can listen to Kaka's shows by clicking on one of the following links. You will also need a media player, such as iTunes, RealPlayer, or Winamp, all of which can be downloaded for free. If you are using Windows Media Player, drop the listen.pls off the end of the links.

Chatting with Kaka

If you are logged in to KoL during one of his shows, you can chat to him in the /radio chat channel.

If you are not logged in to KoL, or don't play the game, then you can chat to Kaka via IRC. If you know what you're doing and have an IRC client such as mIRC, then you need to connect to irc.synirc.net and then to channel #radio-kol

What is Pants Free Radio

Pants Free Radio originated on Radio Free Rollover. When Kaka was hired with RKoL, he ported in his old MO. Essentially Kaka shows his love of all things wombats and metal and his obsessive hatred of pants.

You can expect your ears to be bloodied with a tirade of Hair Metal, Glam Metal, Power Metal, Symphonic Metal, Metal Opera and particularly Prog Metal. You can also prepare for gallons of viking battle and war themes, some instrumental shred sets and the exclamation "Metal in the Mornings!".

Kaka will INSIST all his listeners remove their pants. Kilts, skirts, dresses and nudity are all accepted here. Pants however are not and you will be singled out and derided on air for wearing them.

Bruce Wombat co-hosts PFR with Kaka:

Kaka usually plays triple-shots of whatever band is on in a set as he has never been a fan of one-song-wonder sets.

On occasion you will encounter Kaka rampaging with an alternative show title "Pirate Free Radio/Radio Hi-Jack" this is the title he works under when filling in for his comrades.


Kaka loves requests, please contact him in blue message in the Kingdom or via PM in IRC to see if he has what you want, he will arrange with you to see about if it will be played and if so how to get it to him. You can send stuff to the email address noted above. If you are requesting something good.... Kaka may also request the rest of the album, so please do be aware of this as he is obsessive with providing listeners with a awesome time.

Music Kaka Loves:

  • Metal
  • Metalized versions of any other track

Music Kaka Will NOT Play:

  • Classical
  • Rap
  • Hip Hop
  • RnB
  • Pop
  • Opera

Making Requests

  • Private (blue) message Kakadesu (/msg Kakadesu or /msg 681407) while he is on the air
  • Send a kmail (green) message to Kakadesu (#681407) while he is on or off the air
  • Ask him in the Radio KoL IRC chat via private message
  • Email him at kakadesu@gmail.com
  • Kaka also accepts bumps and music at the above email address, but PLEASE make sure they are in .mp3 format and correctly tagged before you send them!


Kaka's contests are usually a weekly series of random events leading up to a big giveaway (a big-away). His prize multi is "Sir Prize Bott Sehks" (#2337717). SPB is currently recovering from giving away ov er 40 million meat worth of crap at the crimbo big-away!


Kaka collects the following things:

  • Cherries
  • Levels

These items, and other shiny things, can be seen in Kaka's Display Case or profile in the kingdom.

If You want to help Kaka collect a level, feel free to donate an ultimate wad or ultra-rare for smashing. Kaka will nom that baby down on the next show for you.

#Radio-KoL figures out what Kakadesu means

  • <Laureth> hi there kakadesu
  • <Kaka> Lo-reth
  • <Kaka> hahahahahhahahaha Punisher strikes once more
  • <Kaka> seriously, mornin
  • <Laureth> roresu :D
  • <Laureth> Well in romanji anyway
  • <%butsuri> :D
  • <Laureth> カカデス、ロレス :D
  • <Laureth> ブツリ
  • <%butsuri> ^_^
  • <Kaka> Sweet...... I look like I am a mecha series title
  • <Laureth>  its back!
  • <%butsuri> \o/
  • <Laureth> I deleted the Georgian keyboard and now the Japanese works again
  • <Laureth> And since everytime I look at Kakadesu, I totally assume its an answer to a question :D
  • <Kaka> really??
  • <Kaka> so I'm like "Shit???" or " Cake????'
  • <Laureth> I'd have to defer to butsuri, lol, but I don't think it means anything like that
  • <Laureth> I recall that some questions end in desu ka
  • <%butsuri> _Desu_ is "is".
  • <Kaka> Ah so shit is or cake is
  • <Laureth> So I've taken your name ito mean something like "it is"
  • <Kaka> since Kaka means shit in some polynesian dialects
  • <Kaka> and cake in some scndinavian one
  • <%butsuri> Yeah, it could mean "It is kaka".
  • <Kaka> Sweet
  • <Kaka> it is shit
  • <Kaka> perfect
  • <Kaka> <3 you two
  • <Laureth> Well, I just recall the desu ka thing really
  • <%butsuri> And apparently in Japanese _kaka_ can mean "sound of laughter", "wife" or baby-talk for "mother".
  • <Kaka> really?
  • <Kaka> it is funny
  • <Kaka> NICE
  • <Laureth> It is laughter@
  • <Laureth> :D it is giggles?
  • <Kaka> This is going on my Wiki
  • <Laureth> Yeah, I like that interpretation too, ぶつりさん

SO "it is laughter"


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